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The Undefined Friend


Sat nam, I'm Lupita and welcome to my site♡

I wonder how much fun can we have?




Self Development 







Are you're thing, stay tuned for the long awaited blog.. What else is possible?

​I am a Practitioner of Access Consciousness Bars, Bodies, and Energetic facelift. How does it get any better than that??

And what contribution can I be to you? 

Looking forward to meet you soon! Or not 😇

Don't contact me for a session. Or do, if you are feeling the vibes😘. 


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Having fun with everything

Have you ever tried to fit into the display shoe? thats always the smallest shoe ever ? but you still try it on because its faster. We are in the fast track to see what the outcome will be than to have patience and look for your shoe size, sit down and try it on. Instead we hop on one foot and try to force that small shoe and hope we dont fall lol..

How funny are we?

Now, what question can I ask here to have ease with situations like this that translate in many other forms during the day, our lives,  etc.

I wonder what would it take to be willing to have a day full of ease joy and glory.. 

What else is possible I've never considered?

What would my life be like if I choose this ? 

Universe show me what patience is. 

Where and what else you are trying to fit into and dont have patience for and rushing for an outcome? And add judgment of yourself and others to that. 

Lets chat ! 

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Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact me. What contribution can I be to you?

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